Software Development

DIWEKIYO offers a complete set of services in the area of IT & Telecom outsourcing including engineering consulting, business analysis and other support activities. We provide end-to-end customized solutions, project management, support for and maintenance of many third party products.

Our information services increase your productivity and allow you to focus on your main business by making your processes successful.


We can help you with all stages of product development from concept development until the end of a Product Lifecycle. Once you have your idea, we analyze its potential and required resources, assist you, or completely manage the development phase. Furthermore, we can take care of the product maintenance the entire Product Lifecycle.

What sets us apart from other standard outsourcing processes, which usually cover three phases of the process, we provide an end-to-end service. We support you in creating your idea and quickly perform a detailed analysis. Out phasing of previous technologies and systems is also our responsibility, in order to keep the efficiency of your main business.


As we are flexible, we also provide the reverse option – insourcing. An expert from our team could be insourced and fully integrated into the structures of your business to drive the processes of change. Insourcing allows the organisation to reduce costs and meet the IT challenge to keep the expertise inside your organisation by having the right people at the right places.
Insourcing is becoming a preferred solution for companies that want to have their know-how and expertise under their control but still keeping low personnel costs. The variety of companies and their requirements challenged us to find the balance between the out and insourcing so that we can ensure your sustainable development through a long term involvement, based on trust and collaboration.

If you still have questions about the most suitable solution for you, simply contact us and we can discuss all options ahead.


Managing an entire assignment with a team of our specialists, where involvement depends on the scope of a project 


Insourcing and integrating a specialist from our team directly into the structures of your company to work on project-basis or for a longer term

Business analysis

Analyzing the potential of your idea or the performance of your current IT&Telecom operations and preparing a technical specification or report with suggestions